How To Plan

Your kitchen is the ‘Heart of the Home’

Steps to follow when planning a kitchen:

  • Imagine the room/space completely empty and if you’re renovating don’t confuse yourself with what’s there already;
  • The plan needs to revolve around 3 key elements – Cooking Area, Sink and Refrigerator;
  • The above 3 areas need to create a work triangle – see kitchen ideas
  • Sometimes it can help starting from a corner planning the cabinetry as these are the most difficult areas to utilise space;
  • The flow of the kitchen needs careful consideration – other items that need to be planned are food storage, cleaning up, preparing food, clear bench space either side of the hob, sink and serving areas;
  • Power point outlets and lighting need setting out correctly to provide clear lighting on all work areas with no shadows.

How will it look?

Using the latest in design software Cherrywood Joinery Ltd can show you a visual representation of how your
kitchen will look – no more trying to imagine it from a penciled scribble!